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I have spent over 30 years creating – from magician’s assistant (being placed in a cardboard box and having 18 swords thrust through it – I will never tell!) to actress, playwright, community dramatist, theatre director, screenwriter, film-maker, special needs teacher, prison worker, charity worker,  speaker and mother of two.

Why create? It is my life-blood, my DNA, always I want to make something beautiful, something alive, something that communicates.  When I finish a piece I have to deal with my disappointment.  I think next time I can do better.  Next time I hope it will be more beautiful.

I was born in Westminster and having lived in Bradford, Yorkshire and Cobham, Surrey have loved returning to London with husband Steve over ten years ago, and loving it.  I LOVE LONDON – what a great city.

I am a life-lover, laugh-lover, people-lover, God-lover and dreamer.  My friends are really important to me and are generally way cheaper than therapy.

Do explore my site – I have to say a thousand thanks to my lovely friend Chris, without whom I could not even have begun this exploration.   You may use anything for non-commercial purposes, however if for commercial usage then please contact me for permission.

Time to Live:  The Beginner’s Guide to Saying Goodbye continues to sell well and is available from Amazon https://www.amazon.co.uk and other major bookstores as well as direct from the publisher https://instantapostle.com/

My involvement with the Chaiya Art Awards continues.  The new exhibition, due to be April 2020 has been postponed to April 2021.  Still at the Gallery@Oxo.   The theme of the exhibition is God is… and is the title of my new book publication Easter 2021.

Owing to Covid 19 the Chaiya Awards asked all finalists to contribute to an exhibition responding to the impact of the virus.  It is called IMPACT and can be viewed at www.https://chaiyaartawards.co.uk/impact.

The book for the 2018 exhibition is available from www.https://chaiyaartawards.co.uk

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