J….. we welcomed you,

we crowded round to meet you

we were so grateful to see you

touch you, hold you tight.

Never was a child more wanted

never was a child more blessed

never was there more evidence of God’s hand stretched out to

lovingly caress.

We caressed you too

enjoyed each and every moment

of your life touching ours.

of the reality of your living flesh


We needed to know you, J…..

To appreciate every tiny moment of your creation

knowing we would come face to face with fear

Satan, is this then your worst?

That a small bundle of loveliness

should move from life into eternity?

I thought it should have held more terror

than a peaceful moment of breath cut short;

that very beat of here and there

that very second, J….. transformed.

I saw his flesh part company

like a coat

gently sliding from his form

discarded, thrown away

an empty relic to an earthly life

that no longer held him fast.

His form fell still

silent, soft and empty,

an abandoned garment

still warmly pliable.

A movement from the loving cradle of his mother’s arms

into the all-embracing tenderness,

the absolute security,

the total nourishment,

the pain free celebration,

of the actual living, breathing, tactile, eternal reality

of Jesus.



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