Reflection is, for me, an essential tool for learning and for thinking.   I reflect usually first thing in the morning.  It is an important part of my faith and easily turns into prayer.

Reflection gives me a sense of perspective.   I consider my work and jobs to be done and ask myself questions.  What are my priorities?  What do I need to prepare for?  Is there preparation time in the diary?   I think about my relationships. Is there anyone I want to see?  Does anyone need particular care or attention? 

Reflection helps me learn from my mistakes.  If I have treated someone poorly how can I put that right?  Do I need to apologise?   Have I made an unwise decision?  Can I put it right?

Reflection also helps me discover new ideas.  This is an exciting part.  I am always creating.  As I reflect on a particular piece of writing it is amazing how so often a fresh thought will jump into my head which I can translate into my work.  

Reflection helps me ‘see’ those around me. It gives me listening ears and an open heart.  It allows me to meditate about them in the most loving way possible.  I was reflecting on a friend’s comment regarding her child.  My friend seemed out of sorts. When I saw her with her husband and her older child, things were abrasive between them.  As I reflected on her words I realised what she had said describing her child was her own reality.  I had a fresh perspective.

Reflection helps me live in peace.  Life happens and can be full of turmoil, unlike the picture.  Yet even though a storm may rage, it is still possible to live from a place of peace. May you know peace today.