HANGING BY A THREAD – The life of a creative

You’ve worked your butt off. You have given everything. You have sweated, persevered, and nobody seems to want what you have given birth to. Why keep going when it’s all gone horribly wrong?

  1. Our definition of success defines our failure

I just counted the number of scripts I have written. Twenty-one.  How many got made? One short, one feature film.  Of course I saw myself receiving the Oscar, my friend had imagined her dress.  I am grateful to have been a part of writing, and making a feature film with a great cast that talked about something important.  When one of the crew on the night we wrapped wanted to talk to me about the content and tell me his story it became worthwhile in that moment.  I know there were others for whom it was significant.   I wanted to make more but it wasn’t to happen. 

  1. Never confuse your real life with what you do

The sense of loss and despair can feel so great, like walking through mud in a long dark tunnel. And this all about something you have created. When I feel like this I remember what I do does not define me. The priorities in my life are to love and receive love. My real life is community, family, home, and God and I am fortunate enough to have all of this in my life. When we confuse the two we get into substitutes like addiction and unfaithfulness. A real life is interacting with beings with skin on their face.

  1. Stop obsessing and treat yourself to a retreat

Reflect, write, think, meditate, pray, read, remember. Leave behind all distractions. Get surgery to remove yourself from all social media.  Go somewhere and feed your soul.  Ask God for help and He will answer you whether you know Him or not. 

  1. Do not allow yourself to become isolated

Talk to a friend about everything, ask for help, and remember you are not alone.  Remember you are loved.