Tea-Timers and the Waterstones Book Launch

I have my very first book launch, courtesy of Waterstones, Ealing this Friday.  I can’t quite believe it is happening to me, but I am excited.  My friends have been wonderfully supportive and several are making cakes for the event.  Here’s Waterstones and my book is in the bottom right hand corner.  Thanks so much to everyone who has wished me well on social media and been excited for me.  I am so grateful.  

I had my first launch on Sunday 10th September with Tea-Timers a group of my favourite people. 

Who are Tea-Timers?  They are a group of people I have fallen in love with over the last six years.  A group of us from my church wanted to do something for the elderly.  So we set up a monthly tea, with proper china cups and saucers, homemade sandwiches and cakes and invited the over 60’s.  Since we began in September 2011 we have hosted over eighty people.  Many in their 80’s and a few in their 90’s.  It was through working with this group that I felt I would like a tool to have the conversation about dying and death.  Time to Live: The Beginner’s Guide to Saying Goodbye was born.  

When I told them all about it on Sunday they were very excited for me.  We had some wonderful conversations about dying and death and to my amazement and joy many bought the book.  So I feel encouraged.  The whole point of the book was to help the conversations and offer really practical advice.   Some will be joining me to celebrate on Friday.