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An Angel in Richmond Park

Someone working for my friend continues to give them a hard time.   I am ready to sack that person I’m so cross about the amount of stress my friend is enduring.   My crossness only adding to my friend’s stress I suspect. 

I’ve been trying to sort out my Wi-Fi with a large company.  It has taken three complaints, nine phone calls, two other calls that cut me off, sent the wrong equipment twice, equipment promised and ordered has twice failed to materialise,.  I do not shout down the phone because I never get to speak to the same person twice.  Every person apologises and says they will sort it out.   I ask does my file have ‘Do not listen to this woman’ written in black letters across it.  Finally, someone with authority rings me.   I’m sure you have your own stories of frustration

I hate the way these things make me feel inside.  A form of Chinese water torture they wear me down until I want to throttle someone.  Then the poor husband gets it in the neck and all he’s done is asked me how my day was!   

Oh to be wise, and do things well. Writing this I was reminded of my friend Rosa on her ‘hen do’ determined we should all dress in white and be angels.  A lovely aspiration. Can you believe it – there was a harp in Richmond Park where we went for our picnic!

“All is futility” says Ecclesiastes. And you know what, I agree with the writer of that book.  If I step back from the things I do to make a life, and some are a little more compelling than trying to sort out my Wi-Fi, it is a futility because my full attention is better spent not on myself, but on God.  The right questions are:  Who are you God?  What do you want to do that will make me more human? How will you help me find meaning and completion in my life?  What are the important things?

Ecclesiastes is a great book to divest myself of illusion and the ignorant expectation I can live this life on my own.  It dusts me down from unreality and doses me up with emptiness.  A good place to ask God for help.