The Journey


What do you take on a journey?  Depends on the journey.  Last Christmas we were unable to be together as a family.  We have two adult children, both married, one couple live near us, another in Sierra Leone.  However, there was a window of opportunity, grasped by my daughter’s husband.  He and my daughter were on route to Malaysia to a friend’s wedding and had a ten hour stopover in Paris.  Why didn’t we all meet up for lunch?  Eurostar was duly booked, and for the journey I packed croissants, cheese and jam (breakfast on the train); Christmas presents; Christmas musical crackers. Yes we did wear our Christmas hats in the restaurant to the bemusement of the other diners.

The gentleman who had packed the basket on the sand had one other thing he carried, a fishing rod and line, to fish in the sea.

For another type of journey we may only take who we are and who we believe in.