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I sit and write in the top floor of our house where is located our bedroom.  I sit at my paternal grandfather’s beautiful roll top desk with my laptop and second screen next to a long window overlooking gardens including our own. 

My position, which is at the top of a small hill allows me a vibrant view of the foliage, the neighbouring housing and reveals an immense amount of sky.  Living in West London I realise this is a privilege. 

Our back garden is resplendent with a large magnolia bedecked with burgeoning pink tips as the flowers, desperate to display themselves in all their glory, are held back by the continuing cold weather.  I think it will be a magnificent display when the warmth of spring truly visits us.

Our feathered lodger Alexander is in attendance.  He has a nest alongside the house within some lopped mature laurel trees.  Alongside him the now ever-present parakeets, desperate for the nuts hanging underneath the magnolia.  Where are the hordes of sparrows, or gatherings of blue tits?  The garden feels empty of birds and seed languishes, uneaten.  

Raindrops spray across the window as suddenly wind and water lash furiously for five minutes then everything quietens.  The lowering sky, a multitude of greys, hangs somewhat miserably over the piece of land I occupy. 

Through the alleyway of two houses I can see the green grass of the large play area and youngsters playing football, trying to score a goal between two rocks.

It’s peaceful, it’s ordinary and I feel grateful.  Much of the world is not like this.  

However, I sit here to write about my new book AWE+WONDER. It contains all the finalists and their wonderful work. My writing is prose and poetry responding to the theme. Designed by the hugely talented David Salmon. It is about to be published April 2023. I also to invite you to the exhibition, of the same name, which opens on 7th April.  Together with my partner in crime, Katrina Moss, the Chaiya Art Awards are proud to present their third exhibition. 

It is the UK’s biggest art awards illuminating spirituality with a first prize of £10,000. This unique free art exhibition showcases over 100 pieces of work in an affordable art collection which includes – interactive installation, textiles, photography, film, sculpture, ceramics and painting.

7-16th April at gallery@oxo and The Bargehouse on London’s Southbank

Visit us online: www.chaiyaartawards.co.uk

More details:  www.chaiyaartawards.co.uk

Please come. We will be there to greet you.